Prada Spring/Summer Men’s Collection 2012 Arena Homme + features Final Fantasy’s Characters

In case you haven’t heard men’s fashion magazine Arena Homme+ featured Prada Spring/Summer Men’s Collection of 2012 with our favorite characters from Final Fantasy XIII-2 Hope, Sagh, Snow and Lighting styling in actual Prada clothes. Prada is a company that pushes the boundaries of fashion so it’s no surprise for Final Fantasy’s 25th anniversary they decided to do a collaboration. Who would of thought Prada would be so amazing! There is nothing quite interesting to see than Final Fantasy characters in fashionable outfits. It is hard to imagine that it has been 25 years since we first laid our hands on the epic series. Final Fantasy has blossomed in gaming as well as in fashion and brings to light tons of possibilities for its future.

Video games and fashion collaboration are happening more often because characters wearing real and fashionable clothing. When making a character design, fashion designers are hired to bring out elaborate and stunning outfits for Final Fantasy characters to wear.  In an article called ‘How Vocaloid Made the Singer Obsolete,‘ technology is available create holographic anime characters that sing live on a stage. With this technology, there is a possibility to have video game characters become the models themselves walking the runway in Prada collections.

We are not far from the future ladies and gentlemen! Imagine the next chapter, anticipate on how and when the collision of games and fashion will blow up. There is no doubt this will come to pass. The result in this turnabout in the market towards fashionable gamers: both guys and girls. We have to understand that the gaming market is expanding encompassing more diverse audiences. Whose to say this won’t be another “Niche away from the Norm?”

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