REVIEW – Ib “Best Freeware Horror Adventure Game”

Ib is a freeware horror adventure game by kouri translated by vgperson made using RPG Maker 2000. The game’s protagonist is Ib who visits a museum gallery with her parents that turns into a nightmare. The game is spooky because you’re not able to battle the things that come after you.You adventure into the surreal world of strangeness that beckons to loose yourself in horror. As you venture deeper into the chaotic world of the gallery, you will be challenged to accomplish certain tasks that affect the ending. Finding your way through many puzzles and levels to escape, you rely on your rose, which in turn is your life; once it withers the game is over.

The game has its creepy moments. Who doesn’t freak out at headless sculptures coming after you and bloody paintings of ladies? It has it’s amount of jump-scares, but the game combines a psycho surreal scare that makes Ib one of the most unsettling games that will imprint itself into your psyche.


The game is intense, as you must make your way through a gallery infested with art that is searching to kill you. Strange eyeballs, dripping blood, and creepy dolls make this game unsettling. The puzzles are actually decent throughout as you may require to really think outside the box in order to complete them.

The characters within the game, however, are captivating and real. Ib is a young child lost in a maze of chaos and fear frantically wishing to escape until she finds a companion, Garry. The game brings out the flaws and strength within the characters where you sort of create a bond with them. As a player, you hope for their escape in the game.


Using the arrows keys, [Z], and [X] to interact with items and open the inventory you really must rely on wit and skill to escape the horror nightmare gallery. There are times you will be tested on how fast reacting you are, which is the biggest hint I’m going to give.


I’m a huge retro games nut so this game sparked my interest. We really can’t expect much with RPG Maker 2000, which is why this game’s story, gameplay, and dynamic unique background makes it win the gold. It’s like it takes the games of the retro years and creates a treasure that only a true gaming adventurer would embrace.

Overview 5/5

 Hands down I gave this game a perfect rating because it just such a beautiful piece of work. The game is full of scenarios where you do feel like your Ib stuck in a freaky world of fright and fear. Escape is the only option, yet it won’t be an easy one. If your dying for a creepy fright with likeable characters and supernatural environment this game is highly recommended. Plus, it’s free; how could you go wrong?

Narz is founder, CEO, and president of Girl Gamer Vogue, lead video game columnist at Knickerbocker Ledger, and writer at Gametyrant.


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