Contribute to NYC Female Gamers Meetup!

Help us make NYC Female Gamers Meetup’s next event possible! Contribute today!

We had an amazing time at our last meet-up and would like to have another one, but we need your help and support to make this possible for October! Help us make this happen through supporting girl gamer awareness to create a positive gaming community! πŸ˜€

The purpose of these meet-ups is to bring together females from all walks of life together through one common hobby: video games. Producing a culture that protects the female gamers, inspires excellence, and takes pride in revealing the things we celebrate as standards that reflect the video game culture. Anyone who is committed to standing for, supporting, and promoting the highest standards of integrity and respect within the gaming community for females should join.

Founder, Jennifer “Narz” Vargas’ mission:

Empower females to delve into video gaming freely and expressively in fashion, science, and media opening the doors to more opportunities. Promoting games designed for females in mind and participating in holding events on how we stand in being this niche away from the norm, we strive to create a balanced gaming community of respect, integrity, and harmony among gamers. We encourage alternative uses for video games through discussion of news, fashion, and science in relation to video games, whilst upholding a positive image within the gaming community.

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