Sae Kurosawa Fatal Frame 2 Kimono Costume By AGypsyRed

HOLY COW! This costume is amazing! It’s so accurate to the the character’s clothing it’s scary! If you loved Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly you’ll go nutz for Sae Kurosawa’s costume from the game.

Grab this costume before October 1 for Halloween as the designer gets super busy with orders. All costumes are made to order based on your measurements.

Made from white poly blend fabric, this kimono cleans easily with an obi that is one piece connected with a row of hooks and satin bow on the back. The red cording has knotted and sealed ends so it won’t fray. The blood stains are red acrylic so it won’t bleed or wash out.

This one of the most impressive Sae’s costume I’ve seen and worth taking a look. It takes about 3 weeks to create the costume. Designer doesn’t take International orders.

Get your costume ASAP by clicking the image!


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