Interview with YouTube Vlogger/Gamer BebexGaming

I had the amazing privilege to sit down with the fun and corky Youtube sensation BebexGaming talking about her partnership with Machinima, her passion for video games, and her future aspirations. As Bebe being one of the realest COD players and female gamers,  my chat with her was most inspirational and enlightening.

Narz(GGVogue): So Bebe tell me a little about yourself and how you got into gaming?

BebexGaming: Well I grew up with two older brothers that played games a lot, so I’d like to say that inspired me. I remember I used to go into the room and watch them play Unreal Tournament and Age of Empires. I used to ask if I could join in and I guess I realized that I enjoyed it a lot .. then it just escalated from there. When they bought the Nintendo and PS2, I always sort of played with them. Eventually as I got older and got my own computer I was able to do my own gaming. Funny story actually, I had a really really older twitter account back in 2009 and i was looking through the tweets, and on the 1st of July 2009 I posted “is starting to get addicted to Xbox live” .. I got into Xbox because of a boy i was dating introduced me to console gaming since i was a big PC player. Ever since I got the Xbox, that’s when I think i became a very heavy player, when i got into it competitively. I sold my Wii for it. (laughs)

Narz(GGVogue): lmao! What game did you get hooked on for the xbox?

BebexGaming: It would have to be Halo 3. Oh gosh I still remember trying to get used to the controller and playing on like 2 sensitivity. (Laughs) I was horrible! But when I bought my Xbox i actually practiced a LOT.

Narz(GGVogue):  That’s determination! Now you’ve gone from noob to pro. Can you explain the process and what you did to get better?

BebexGaming: The process was frustrating. Especially playing with other guys that were already so good. I think the biggest part of it was to make sure you’re still having fun! When you start to get really serious about it, it’s really easy to just give up. I almost forced myself to play on higher sensitivities even if it meant getting really dizzy but eventually you will get used to it. A lot of it was the team work and skill tactics. I remember I used to ask people how do you always get kills and just something as simple as “throw a grenade first to get their shield down and then try and hit them twice in the head.” So it was the fun experience of it. Friday nights we would set up with pizza and drinks and play matchmaking on Halo 3 for all hours of the night and just by doing that I got better.

Narz(GGVogue):  Your  obviously pretty good at Call of Duty, so when you get really high scores what are some reactions you get from fellow gamers? Guys and girls?

BebexGaming: Well, people not even believing that it was me, they just always usually assumed that it was my boyfriend playing. I probably dont get as much of a high score as I would usually get but it is funny when you get “wow you got carried by a girl.” Mostly things like that. (Laughs)

Narz(GGVogue): Any negative comments?

BebexGaming: Yeah, I would get raging messages like “get off the Xbox and get back in the kitchen” (classic). Its funny cos even if you did good most of them still hate you. Even during the game people will leave if i kept killing them and they would send me a message calling me names.

Narz(GGVogue):  That’s hilarious you should post them. So you were recently taken in by Machinima. But before that, What compelled you to create the YouTube channel?

BebexGaming: Well I had a really old one before this channel and it was the vlogging and music side of videos but then gaming took over my life. (laughs) So I was really into competitive at that time, so a lot of clan matches etc.At that time people were uploading matches and the Xbox competitive community were really starting to get into YouTube so I was like ‘ok well I might as well make my own channel to follow with whats happening’ because they did YouTube rankings etc. Then I was in a girl clan, and I thought to myself, you know what we’re not any different we should be ranked as well ! So a big thing happened trying to get girls involved in the competitive YouTube community and eventually it happened. I bought a recorder to record our games and upload. Then eventually competitive died down a bit and I sort of thought well I have this channel… so what do i do with it? So i started doing my own solo stuff.

Narz(GGVogue):  That’s super impressive! Its not always easy to go solo but it’s worth it in the end. What girl clan were you or still a part of?

BebexGaming: It was one in Australia. I was part of bullet2theheart and then hotpinkgaming.

Narz(GGVogue):  Nice! So in regards to your YouTube channel, what do you hope to aspire with it? What’s your mission/goals with BebexGaming?

BebexGaming: I think goal’s wise it would keep changing. (Laughs) At the moment I’m hoping to get to the 1000 subscriber mark, but mission was the biggest thing for me. I remember when I applied for Machinima a big question was, “okay so everyone and anyone can do/does commentaries, what makes you different?” That’s what my mission is.. to BE different, so that’s why I’ve taken a spin into my videos so I’ll take an experience in a game and relate it to real life and express it out in a vlog, and get other people involved. That’s why I always ask if it ever happens to them etc. I love reading peoples comments. I didn’t think commentating was my strongest point anyway, it was a LOT of research but I think I’m finally getting there with my channel.

Narz(GGVogue):  That’s inspiring! I’ve always been hesitant to do YouTube Channels but listening to you, I may try it.  So out of curiosity, are you involved in any other gaming communities beside Machinima and YouTube channels?

BebexGaming: I’m part of an awesome network called AusGamerNetwork and I occasionally upload some commentaries and stuff for GameHers on YouTube. Oh yes, haters don’t be afraid! In the end of the day, I see it as, they say they hate it etc. but they sat there watching the video and took the time to post a comment and rate it. If you hated me that much you would have ignored the video. (laughs)

Narz(GGVogue): True! At the end of the day, haters will hate. When it comes to beyond your YouTube Channel, what does the future look like? What do you hope to create pass the channel?

BebexGaming: I’m hoping to aim to become a director for Machinima and not just a partner to be more involved in the community ! (laughs) I would love to be able to eventually inspire more females that would be a great thing, just need to make a name for myself first. I won’t stop here.

Narz(GGVogue): I can see you as a great representative of the girl gamer community. You’ve already inspired me! So compared to videos games of the 80s till now what are some changes that either turn you off or make it better?

BebexGaming: Well, I talk about this a lot actually. Obviously, I think the biggest thing is graphics, and lets face it, amazing graphics will make anyone go “wow!”But that doesn’t say that I would choose Battlefield over Unreal Tournament. I think I’m a very simple gamer. Simple and clean graphics and game type, but I still love my RTS and my big MMO’s. I don’t think there’s been any huge turn offs. I like to give any game a go, but I think with technology now, the games will always get better.

Narz(GGVogue): So in regards to video games how do you hope it will improve for female gamers or if it has, how?

BebexGaming: I think personally the games are already there for female gamers to enjoy. I think it’s up for the girls to give it a go! There’s so many different types out there. I think a lot of girls see COD and HALO and think automatically they are “video games” and all you do is shoot people that’s so boring and it’s SO much more than that! I know a lot of girls that won’t play FPS, but introduce them to league of legends and a lot of my girl friends love it. The girlfriends of the guys that I usually play with say “all you do is play these ‘shooting war games’ ” and funny enough like I said, they are playing league of legends now. (Laughs) But I think It’s just a stereotype cause even when I see one of the girlfriends on her phone playing a game on her iPhone/android and she enjoys it, I usually say, well right now you’re playing a game. It’d be nice to show that there are other games that girls can enjoy.

Narz(GGVogue):  Yup. I agree! I tell girls even Facebook Farmville is a video game. However, when it comes to gaming online do you even try to hide the fact that you’re a girl to offset a negative response you might get?

BebexGaming: (Laughs) I used to, but it’s not to say that I go into a lobby and say “HI IM A GIRL!” The one thing I do though is if I’m playing on my own I tend to turn off my mic but if I’m with my friends, I’ll just be in a party with friends, or if i feel like socializing I’ll go into the lobby chat and just be myself. Negative comments I usually just laugh at, or i simply mute them. If you don’t reply eventually they’ll stop and that’s the biggest thing. If I’m with people I love playing with, no matter how many people are yelling at me, I’m still going to be having fun with my friends.

Narz(GGVogue): You have such amazing support from your friends! I see them in your YouTube channel and it’s amazing to see that! Well, I don’t want to take too much but are their any last words you’d like to say to the gamers out there?

BebexGaming: I’d like to say that boy OR girl, this is our gaming community, and absolutely anyone and everyone can enjoy games and make something out of it if they really wanted to! Keep gaming and have fun! ;D

Be sure to check out BebexGaming’s YouTube and follow her on Facebook!


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