Kenway Coat by Volante Designs

Thanks to a fan recommendation we’ve managed to spot this one of kind Connor Kenway’s revolutionary war regimental assassin coat. I can’t even begin to discuss how amazing this coat is! Just look at the design! Not only is it super trendy and perfect for the fall, but it’s a great spin off the Assassin’s Creed protagonist. With reversible zippers it can be worn open or closed, removable hood, reversible epaulettes, as well as turned back tails which fasten at the back center, two large outer pockets, an inside breast pocket, and can be unbuttoned and let to hang.
Made with high quality black plastic coat buttons, or brass half-dome buttons, this coat is available now for men and women! The design’s colors can be changed depending on preference.

This coat is only available for a limited time as it’s been in high demand. Grab one asap by clicking the image!


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