Comic Con Panel: Hardcore Vs Badass Characters

Many of you have your own ideas for amazing stories for video games and/or comics. Most if not all, have a baddass or hardcore character, but what exactly does that mean? What are some experiences that qualify a character to be badass or hardcore? Novelist Max Gladstone broke down the rules for us at a Comic Con panel as there is more to it than a background story.

“Characters are equal to the challenge they are face with,” Max spoke strong and sternly. “If a character is very well suited for a challenge, then he is a badass character.” According to  Max, a badass character is always ready for any events they will encounter. So for a character like The Hulk, he will always be ready to beat his opponent down to a pulp and succeed. Hardcore characters are not always ready for a challenge, but try to be cool or suave. They can be found saying catch phrases or searching for ways to escape their dilemma.  These types of characters are always a step behind what’s happening and are cooping with situations rather than conquering them. These characters aren’t ready either for deeply involved scenarios. An example with be Ellen Ripley in Aliens as she is only a technician when the aliens invade and try to kill her. She figures out the ability to kill the alien after having contact with it and cooping with the situation at hand before conquering it. A perfect example of two of the same genres of characters are Jackie Chan (Hardcore) and Bruce Lee(Badass). Jackie is mostly seen running away and cooping with the situations he is not ready for as opposed to Bruce Lee confronting the challenge head on and defeating it.

Any character that is a badass or hardcore can be changed simply by changing the situation or the environment. This is considered the transformation process where a badass discovers his biggest challenge from his weakness. An example would be Sherlock Holmes in a relationship, or Cloud Strife without his sword. By putting a badass character in a situation that no longer is dealt with in a way the character is accustomed to, you change a badass into a hardcore character. What use to work before, no longer applies. In the reverse, hardcore characters become badass after conquering a difficult situation and living.

Everybody loves a badass and it’s no wonder since we all aspire to be a badass. Most humans want that in themselves because they want to be able to conquer whatever life throws at them. This is why we all have heroes and role models that we like to be or look up to. So when creating characters for a story, game, or simply to cosplay, remember that whatever creating a well thought out strength and weakness within in a characters gives it dept and sustenance.
Narz is CEO and founder of Girl Gamer Vogue, writer at Gametyrant, and lead video game columnist at Knickerbocker Ledger.


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