Comic-Couples Kick Back on Friday

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Geeky love brings a new level of cuteness to comic-con this year. From teens, to couples in their late-20s, to total strangers cozying up for a photo, and even newly weds. There’s not denying they are having a blast.

  • Love, love , love the TMNT outfits, they are put an urban edge into classic cosplay. Cowabunga!
  • This Sith couple seem to be plotting their escape. “My sourness, I’d kill all this dudes for you” he’d say. I say: “I’d kill for the rubber wonder bra on Mrs. Maul!!!!”
  • The female Robyn is red hot in this 50s themed outfit. The off the shoulder sleeves, most commonly sewn in chiffon work for her in silk-spandex. The hair is perfectly prim with its little Fascinator hat and the green booties are just a bonus!!
  • The new family takes chances with fashion that its way ahead of its time, Futurama! and the female pick-a-chu rocks the super cool take on one of Pokemon’s faves with knee-high socks and Uggs. Talk about comfort meet fashion!!!

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