Comic Con: Friday Fashion Wrap-up

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A lot of really cool outfits out there on Friday with nice fabrics to go along. Whats more, everyone put their best foot forward, literally! Because though I went the easy route and opted for super comfy moccasins a la Nancy Drew! I noticed that many ladies out there went the extra mile and spent the whole day in heels. Props to them!!

The wigs where high-quality beautiful things and some looked very real. I know for a fact that cosplayers look for optimum quality in these. They are usually made of real hair or specially formulated acrylic!

The fabrics were as varied as the looks: silk, velvet, cotton, leather, rubber, patent leather, chiffon, tulle, and A LOT of spandex.

The looks went from the classical, to urban, to full body armor, to taking a little tumble into a time warp for a 50s, 60s, 70s, inspired looks. These geeky fashions most certainly get an A+!!


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