Comic Con Panel: Capcom’s Advice on How to Get a Job in the Video Game Industry

If you have ever been hooked on a video game before, I’m sure at some point it must have lead you to wonder what it would be like to “play video games for a living.” New York ComiCon 2012 held a “How to Get a Job in the Video Game Industry with CAPCOM” panel. Moderator Francis Mao (Capcom) was the head of an elite industry panel that included all kinds of career models. They hail from an assortment of game companies and industry outlets. The panel shared with the audience how they were able to land jobs in the video game industry.  You don’t have to be a programmer, an artist, or a guy to have a fun career in video games.

There were three inspirational women on the panel. Christine Converse is the Project Manager in Creative Services and Marketing at Capcom. Her first industry job was in Quality Analysis (QA) for an RPG game. She stuck to the phrase “Yes I can do that” whenever someone asked her to perform any task in the industry, no matter how far out of her concentration they may be. Her taking any task head on in the video game industry showed the right people that she is dependable, reliable, and hard-working. Sandee Ferrara, the Senior Manager of Channel Marketing at Capcom pointed out that another factor for getting into the video game industry is who you know, so networking is extremely important. Elizabeth Chiu was also on the panel, she is a senior in college. She applied for an internship with Capcom through someone she knew and got the job. She was able to maintain her position by being fast and productive.

At the end of the panel members’ stories, Francis Mao spoke about the main points a person trying to get into the industry must focus on. Recognize your expertise, research leads, NETWORK to the fullest, use online resources, seek a mentor, definitely be proactive, and follow your passion. If you really want to land a job in the video game industry, find out what specific people are doing in the industry and find a person closest to what you want to do. Send that person a formal e-mail and see what kind of advice they can give you. This was a very inspirational panel, and it definitely motivated me to look into working in the video game industry. Not only was it motivational but it gave me hope that such a thing may actually be possible for me if I follow their advice.

Dash is a video game advocate and freelance writer at Girl Gamer Vogue.


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