Comic Con Panel: Marvel Games Just Released and Coming Soon!

The year 2012 is the year for comic books as Marvel Comics is working on over ten video games. New York Comic Con 2012 held a Marvel Video Games panel to tell us all about their comic book inspired video games in progress for the year. It is the thirtieth anniversary for Marvel Games which called for a few surprises for everyone throughout the event.The panel began by explaining the three pillars for creating the best quality Marvel game experience: fun gameplay that is engaging and immersive, compelling storyline full of details, and true to Marvel character experience with no fillers.

Marvel Video Games mentioned:

1. HeroClix with Marvel miniature collectibles can now be used. This is a game that can be played online and as an application for tablets using attachable figurines.
2. Avengers Initiative is a console quality action game for tablet or touch screen devices, you get a free hulk costume if you buy now.
3. Marvel Pinball is available now for the MAC, XBOX LIVE ARCADE, GOOGLE PLAY, the APP STORE, and soon to be available for WINDOWS.
4. Marvel: War of Heroes is a mobile approach this year available now on the Mobage social games platform. This is a digital card game similar to the title Rage of Bahamut’s.
5. Marvel Avengers Alliance on facebook is happening now. Check out chapter 9, Special Opps with Ghost Rider, and new playable characters from the British Invasion coming soon.
6. Marvel XP will be a perk application with connected rewards between Marvel Avengers Alliance and  Marvel Initiative.
7. X-MEN the Ravages of Apocalypse: A Quake Total Conversion is the first online total conversion featuring Marvel Comic book characters.
8. Marvel Super Hero Squad simplifies the comic for children. It is available for NINTENDO DS, PLAYSTATION 2, PLAYSTATION PORTABLE, and WII.
9. Marvel Heroes is an online team up and is the first Marvel MMO. It is a closed beta with approximately 23 characters.
10. Avengers Battle for Earth is a motion fighting game for XBOX 360 with seven game modes. Characters have costumes from the Avengers movie.
11. Deadpool is a game set to release in 2013 for PLAYSTATION 3 and XBOX. It will be a third person action game with new abilities earned as Deadpool progresses.

Special guests were Deadpool, himself and Stan Lee, himself. Deadpool, naturally, made a comical performance, dancing around and saying his witty phrases that were super saturated with testosterone. Stan Lee, the comic book writer, editor, actor, producer, publisher, television personality, and former president and chairman of Marvel Comics made a 10 minute appearance and shared his love for comics. He finished with an epic “Exelsior!”


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