Games @ Comic Con: Tekken Tag Team Tournament 2: Wii U Edition & Little Big Planet Karting for PlayStation Move

Tekken Tag Team Tournament 2: Wii U Edition

Holding the Wii U in your hands is similar to holding a tablet, but specifically for gaming. The gaming tablet contains a screen that you can get stats and information about the characters you’re selecting, and you can also choose to watch the fight on the table screen, much like a giant game boy.  For Tekken Tag Team Tournament 2 there will be exclusive content released for the Wii U. It features Super Mario power ups in a Mushroom Battle, where in battling your opponents different color mushrooms will pop out, and if you’re a Mario fan you know what that means. In playing the three-round knock out, I was able to KO my extra-large opponent while myself being extra-small, which was entirely entertaining. I don’t remember the last time I actually laughed out loud at a game.

The special edition will also offer special character outfits including but not limited to Mario, Luigi, and Star Fox to be worn by the Tekken fighters. Features of the game include your 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2 or even 2 vs 1 battles, online modes, Team Battle, Time Attack & Survival, and even a new mode has been introduced called “Fight Lab” which is a mode allows gamers to train a Combo moves through different challenges in the game. The game has the largest Tekken roster with over 50 playable characters, new stages and also special battle modes. It still includes classical battle modes, and on the flip side also gives users ability to customize their stages.

The Wii U will be released November 18th and comes in either a basic or premium package. This is a game that you’re going to want for the Wii U. It’s still Tekken Tag Team Tournament but rejuvenated, meshing with classical power ups of another popular classic game. The two come together beautifully to give you awesome and entertaining gameplay.

Little Big Planet Karting for PlayStation Move

Little Big Planet Karting for Sony PlayStation 3 is a truly impressive game. This game is almost completely customizable, giving gamers a rare chance to have the tools in their hands to create their completely own world, where they can actually make their own game rules, weapons and attacks, tracks as well as customize Sackboy and his karts.  The series’ motto “Play, Create, Share” supports its user-generated content, and gamers are allowed to share their customized tracks on the PlayStation Network, and can download other gamer’s tracks mas well.

The PlayStation Move Racing Wheel allows you to steer your kart with the motion tracking capabilities of the handheld motion controller wand. One of the things I like about the Racing Wheel is that it feels natural and comfortable in your hands, which helps you to enjoy the experience even more. The wheel has features like paddle style gear shifters as well as twist throttle controls, which come in handy because the handgrips fold outward for motorcycle handlebars. I think PlayStation created a simple yet clever accessory to enhance gamer’s experience.

LBP Karting also includes some cool gameplay features, from a Fast Forward boost that will literally fast forward you through a section of a track, and Autopilot where you get to blow by your opponents on a giant rocket. There’s new mechanics like the Grappling Hook, where if you are airborne you throw out a line, and basically spider-man your way over an obstacle or a section of water. I only got to play this game for a few minutes, but I know that when I have it in my possession it’s going to be hours and hours of excellent customizable gameplay. It was a new twist on Karting which made it unique and most importantly really freaking fun.  C’mon, it’s labeled under “Comic Mischief,” how could you resist a game like that?

Little Big Planet Karting will be released November 6th for $60.00 and is labeled E for everyone. The PlayStation Move Racing Wheel is will be available this quarter for $40.00.

Stephanie is a freelance writer and Diablo III gamer at Girl Gamer Vogue.


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