Comic Con Panel: Capcom’s Remember Me

Getting the chance to see a sneak peek of the new Capcom game Remember Me at Comic Con 2012 wasn’t super awesome since it was shown at Gamescon. However, we did manage to see some awesome game play of the upcoming game.

Remember Me‘s producer Matt Hart and Lead Artist Aleksi Briclot have joined forces to create a Neo Paris 2084 environment unlike anything we’ve yet seen before. Aleksi said he preferred Paris as the main setting to the game because it was close enough for him to guarantee recognizable architect since Aleksi lives in Paris. Taking photos of the landscape, digitizing and then altering them was the tactful process of transforming today’s Paris into Neo Paris. With its fair share of civil wars and natural disasters, technology in Neo Paris allows anyone to take their forgotten memories of the past and record it as digital memories for others to see, buy, sell, and steal. Whether this is good or bad will be a pinnacle judgement call in the game’s story.

The main character Nilin is an élite memory hunter whom has her own memories wiped. In search of what happened to her, she escapes and must explore this unnerving world to find out why she is so important and who took her memories. This is one incredible game I’m looking forward to play as the game includes the ability to manipulate memories, an Uncharted 3 like gaming dynamics, and unique combo fighting system. This an intriguing game worth considering!

Capcom Remember Me is set to release May 2013.

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