Silent Hill Revelation 3D

With a huge panel at Comic Con, Silent Hill: Revelations‘s trailer was made viewable for hundreds of die-hard fans. The sequel of the first movie continues with elements of Silent Hill 3, good old fashion horror, and adaptations of the series from Director Michael J. Bassett.Having attended the panel and being a huge fan of the series, every aspect of the movie is frightening, personable, and immersive. Since the movie was filmed in 3D, you will be delighted to know that ambiance and horror of the Silent Hill series is multiplied.

The story follows Silent Hill 3 character Heather Mason, played by Adelaide Clemens, whom is force to return to Silent Hill to find her father Christopher Da Silva, played by Sean Bean, with help from Vincent Carter, played by Kit Harington. Past characters make an appearance in the new film as well as “hideous and beautiful” monsters from the video game series. Making a return to the series is  Radha Mitchell as Rose Da Silva and Roberto Campanella  as Red Pyramid. When discussing about the monsters in the movie, Bassett proudly says that they invested in real monsters in the movie for authenticate fear and horror. There is nothing more impressive than old school movie magic!

The challenge with video games turning into films is the lost of authentication like in Max Payne. However, both Basset and producer Samuel Hadida  are avid players of the video game. Keeping to the essence of the video game but making it their own, the film detours slightly from the video game with adaptations of  items in the game, characters, and storyline change to tell a slightly different story. We won’t share too many details, but if you’re a fan of the series this is a sequel you must see.

Silent Hill : Revelations comes out this Friday in theaters!

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