Cosplay Fashion Q+A: Shaymin

ON COSPLAY:  Jessica Caamano has been cosplaying since 2009; when she was a little girl she wanted to be Kitana from Mortal Kombat as an adult.

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CORKY: What is the name of your character and why did you chose it for this year’s NYC Comic Con? JESS: I chose to go as Shaymin from Pokemon because back in 2009 I went as the same character to a much smaller convention. The outfit was put together very last minute and it was a poorly exceuted cosplay. I wore a white dress, a cheap green wig and two flowers. My cosplay skills have grown more from there and I wanted to give one of my favorite characters from the series a bit more justice.

CORKY: How long did it take you to put it together? [if you made it] Where did you buy it and how much did it cost otherwise? JESS: I commissioned the leotard with the green accents since I decided to re-vist the Shaymin cosplay about 2 weeks before Comic Con.

  • The leotard ($40).
  • There are 4 yards of mesh spandex in the train ($40)
  • The daffodils are from JoAnn Fabrics ($5 on clearance)

The train itself took about 4 hours to do (mainly hand sewing the daffodils was a bit of a hassle). The two flowers were purchased in 2009 when I first cosplayed Shaymin and I later attached it to the headband I purchased. Calculating all the prices including the wig the costume cost about $150.

CORKY: What is the favorite element of cosplay you are wearing?JESS: The train of the costume and the headpiece with the flowers.

CORKY: You are wearing make-up, did you apply it yourself or did someone help you, either long did it take and did you use any product that you would like to recommend to other cosplayers? JESS: My friend applied my lashes since I have little patience to fight with them, but the rest of the make-up I applied myself. The make-up application took about 20 minutes. The product I would recommend is the MAC Mineralize skinfinish natural powder – total life saver!

CORKY: What is your favorite videogame, comic, or piece of clothing? JESS: My two favorite video games are Pokemon and Mortal Kombat. My favorite comic is Cyanide and Happiness (a web comic) My favorite piece of clothing is my Hello Kitty Chun Li shirt because…well…It’s a Hello Kitty Chun Li!


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