CAPCOM Presents DMC: The All-New Devil May Cry

Will 2013 be the year of the reboot? Like Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics with their upcoming reboot for the iconic Lara Croft in Tomb Raider next year, CAPCOM has collaborated with Ninja Theory to reinvent Dante of Devil May Cry from the ground up. Francis Mao moderated a panel with fellow CAPCOM representative Earl Reader, senior producer Alex Jones, and Dom Matthews of Ninja Theory.

Ninja Theory, based in the UK, was tasked to create an “explicitly Western” version of Dante, reimagining him as a character in “a Hollywood movie.” Dom Matthews thoroughly reviewed Ninja Theory’s reinvention of the character and his world. The original Dante from 2001’s Devil May Cry is well-known for being cool, rebellious, brash, witty and stylish; in other words, he’s pretty darn hot. Ninja Theory’s Dante looks to have kept the best of Dante intact, while placing him into a modern, Western environment, as opposed to its former gothic fantasy, Eastern influenced world in previous titles.  Dante’s look and wardrobe has been updated to show the rebellious, urban mode of dress popular among Western youth.

Perhaps the most compelling thing about the reboot is the world that Ninja Theory has created around Dante. In the original E3 trailer, we saw various allusions to real world conspiracies and the evils of corporate America (Wall Street): “This is a message from The Order. Demons, we know your game; your cameras watch us, your media brainwash us, your drinks poison us, and your banking system enslaves us.” The masked figurehead, no doubt a nod to the infamous anonymous, warns them about their “new weapon” coming to exact vengeance on them, Dante. Dante’s world shifts according to demon influence, casting him into Limbo, the realm between heaven and hell. Retaining the game’s penchant for stylish combos and ratings, Ninja Theory’s insights promise to refresh the franchise while keeping all of its best features intact with new enhancements.

The game’s official release is January 15, 2013.

Asia is a freelance writer at Girl Gamer Vogue.

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