Cosplay Fashion Q+A: Fluttershy

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CORKY: What is the name of your cosplay and why did you choose it for this year’s NYC Comic Con?

PAULA: Fluttershy from “My Little Pony – Friendship is Magic”.  Honestly, I chose this cosplay because I went as her to June’s BronyCon. So the outfit was already there and ready to go.  Plus, it’s always fun to go as an adorable pony to almost any convention! 

CORKY: How long did it take you to put it together? Did you make any of the pieces? How much did it cost if you bought it?

PAULA:  Not very long at all.  Less than a day’s worth of effort, if the time it took shopping for materials is taken into consideration. Probably the wings were the most difficult part to make and that took about three hours or so. I bought the material for the wings and ears at Pearl Paint; The dress at H&M. The necklace and wig I ordered online. Everything cost about $100. 

CORKY: What is the favorite piece of the cosplay you are wearing?

PAULA: The wings! I tried to make them as accurate as possible, as they appear on the show. I think I came pretty close!

CORKY: You are wearing mainly natural make-up, any comments on this choice?

PAULA: I didn’t focus much on this because the ponies on the show for the most part don’t have any makeup on. The only thing I tried to emphasize is the teal eye makeup, since Fluttershy has teal eyes and I can’t wear contacts.

CORKY: What is your favorite videogame, comic, or piece of clothing? 

PAULA: Favorite videogame at the moment: Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (subject to change when Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 comes out in November). Favorite comic: Wonder Woman. Favorite piece of clothing: a toss-up between my Wonder Woman hoodie and my knee-high combat boots.


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