Thanks for Attending Girl Gamer Vogue Sponsored Event NYC Girl Gamers Meetup

We like to send our many thanks and blessings to all our sponsors that made this event possible! Girl Gamer Vogue wants to continue to sponsor NYC Girl Gamer Meetup to bring our mission into a reality.  Bringing men and women from all walks of life together under one roof to network, meet, social and play together all in an effort to support girl gamers. Be sure to visit NYC Girl Gamers Meetup to find out more information of the next event or to join! It is with fans and supporters help that Girl Gamer Vogue and NYC Girl Gamer Meetup can offer events and workshops for woman to enjoy their common hobby of video games.

Many thanks to the following sponsors: 8Bit And Up, Slayers Gaming Network, Video Game Buddies, Girl Gamer Vogue, Shauna Chavoustie, Anar E, Melissa Fassetta, Deborah Perez, and Michael Coleman Jr.

Be sure to check out more information on NYC Girl Gamers Meetup next Girls Only Event in November.

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