Weight Hacking: How to Loose Weight the Gamer Way

Whenever you see any ad that repeatedly tries to sell you ways to lose weight without doing much, your more likely to scowl and say it’s just a scam. So when Craig Engler said there was a way to play D&D, hack computers, watch my favorite series Game of Thrones, and still manage to lose weight my ears chimed into his station. Not only is Craig proof his system works, he is releasing his secrets in his new book entitled Weight Hacking: A Guide for Geeks Who Want To Lose Wight And Get Fit.

I know what your thinking, where’s the catch? There isn’t any catch per se. Weight Hacking is a weight loss system that uses your own geeky/gamer nature to work for you.  It revolves around re-arranging your life so that your more naturally active. Things to keep in mind, Weight Hacking isn’t a fad diet, miracle potion, or  medical claim. It’s simply, as Craig puts it, “an operating system for nerds.” In his book, Craig teaches how to incorporate better eating habits to your lifestyle and explains how your geek passions can be the best tools to losing weight and getting fit.

So how does it actually work? Craig teaches how to reboot your system and offers crucial information about foods you may or may not be eating. For starters, Craig’s biggest advice was to never buy anything with a “Healthy Label” on it. According to studies from Harvard School of Public Health, people are more likely to eat more of foods with these labels. They may not necessarily be unhealthy, but they carry the same amount of calories their greasy alternatives may contain! In addition, the FDA has had to put down heavy regulations of food labels with “healthy” as companies like Hershey’s have put “healthy labels” on their products including their chocolate syrup.[CBS NEWS] There is nothing healthy about chocolate syrup as it has 100% sugar which turns to fat and putting healthy labels is simply false advertisement. Be super suspicious of any products that try to sell their products as “healthy.” Our society has become so revolved around food that it can be purchased anywhere, even in the most unusual places. The reasoning behind this is if a venue has food, people will eat it. Most heavily processed foods are at places that use to not have foods like bookstores offering buttering pastries and high amounts of sugary drinks.

Places like Taco Bell, have caused an enormous amount of controversy due to their “4th meal.” Craig advised to stay away from misconceptions of a 4th meal as it’s a recipe for obesity. Anything eaten after 7pm, is stored as fat including the “4th meal”!

Enriched flour is a key element in food to stay away from. In his book, Craig states that the nutrients found in flour are put there because without it flour actually kills people. Since most flour is bleached, it has chemicals that are harmful to your health! The nutrients in the flour, help your body digest the harmful chemicals. A very important fact to remember is “natural flour is not white, it’s brown!”

Craig admits that it’s hard to lose weight when your being lied to, but with Craig’s book you can train yourself to deny the wrong foods and use your geeky passions to stay healthy and fit! Learn the secrets to overcoming your weight problems the geeky way! Get your copy of this e-book by clicking the link below!

Get Your Copy By clicking this image!

Narz is CEO,Founder of Girl Gamer Vogue, writer at Gametyrant, and Lead Video Game Columnist at Knickerbocker Ledger.


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