REVIEW: Diablo 3 Indulge in Your Inferno, Ladies.

Fans of the Diablo games waited a long time for Blizzard to release Diablo 3, but it was definitely worth the wait. This game was not disappointing with its amazing cinematic, graphics, and new and improved gameplay. The subject matter for Diablo 3 is similar to that of D2, where you play through each Act with a boss at the end, (D3 has four) and the ultimate boss being Diablo himself. Beat him, you beat the game. Then you get to start all over in the next difficulty level. You start off on Normal mode, and play your way through Nightmare, Hell, and ultimately Inferno, with increasing monster difficulty each level. When you play with others, the monster difficulty increases as more people come into your game (you can have up to four) and decreases as they leave, which is pretty cool. Also, as you go through each difficulty level you start to pick up rare and unique items, and in D3 you can collect Legendary items as well.


With D3 you get five different character classes each with their own Lore, Demon Hunter, Witch Doctor, Wizard, Monk, and like in D2 the Barbarian, with the option of playing a male or female version for each class. Each has its own resources in order to use your attack skills, for example the Barbarian uses Fury, the Demon Hunter uses Hatred/Discipline, and the Monk uses Spirit. When it comes to your skills and how to use them, you refer to your skill tree. For each hero, there are six different attack skills you can use, but each class has different types of skills sets. All five classes have primary, secondary, and defensive skills, and as for the remaining three attack skills it varies by class. For the Wizard they are Force, Conjuration, and Mastery. For the Witch Doctor, they are Terror, Decay, and Voodoo. For my Demon Hunter, they are Hunting, Devices, and Archery. For each main skill you get to unlock up to 6 runes to use with them, for example for my Hunting skill I use the Bat Companion rune, where a Bat follows me around and increases my Hatred regeneration as well as attacks monsters. Each class also gets three passive skills, which are in constant use by your hero. Like D2 you still have attributes to your character, and each class has attributes that work better for it. The items that you pick up during game play can add and take away to your attributes, and you can still collect full armor sets for extra boosts.


The game is pretty straight forward, where all you have to do is click on an enemy to attack it, and click to move around the map, and use 1-4 on the keyboard to use your attack skills. Some improvements they’ve made from Diablo 2 is that they’ve gotten rid of the pesky scrolls you would need to either transport yourself back to town or to identify items, each hero is now capable of doing that themselves. The gameplay is even better with a more interactive map, where you get XP just for destroying anything and everything you can. Also, in gameplay with others you no longer have to race to the items or money to pick them up first, all the items you see on your screen are yours to keep, and to collect money instead of clicking on every pile you simply just run over it, which is just simpler.

 D3 is a game meant for online multiplayer. They are currently working on a PvP section so you can battle it out with your friends to see who’s tougher. The online play can be kind of laggy, but would largely depend on the system you’re playing on. Socket your items and sell them with the online Auction House, where you can search, sell and trade equipment and weapons for gold, or real-money.

Overall 4/5

Diablo 3 is just one of those great, limitless games that you could have hours of great gameplay with. The improved interactive maps were something I largely looked forward to, because sometimes, you just want to f**k shit up. Even when you max out your Hero at level 60, you can gain Paragon levels that give your character boosts as well. It’s a game that will keep you entertained for hours. I think this game will be around for a long time, hell if we played Diablo 2 for 12 years how long do you think we’ll be playing Diablo 3 for?

Stephanie is a freelance writer for Girl Gamer Vogue.


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