REVIEW Halo 4 It’s Time We Sat Down

I need to speak about this elephant in the room. Halo 4 was a much awaited game because it not only brought a new enemy, weapons, and battlefields but it was 343 Industries first shot at continuing the story. I give 343 Industries hands down a grand applause and hope they do get an award for there work. The gameplay was indeed amazing as I thoroughly enjoyed the campaign. My only concern was that it felt way to rushed and forced. By the time I finished the game, I had hoped for more. Regardless, the game has a lot of other things to do besides the campaign. With weekly releases of Spartan Ops, you can continue the story in a different perspective and still get the much-needed adrenaline your heart was left without.

The graphics in the game were sheer perfect as I felt the floor hit the bottom of my jaw when it dropped during the campaign when your riding the UNSC Mammoth. Not playing this game in HD is like asking to waste your money. With little to no lag, this game was crisp and smooth. I did come across some problems in online multiplayer playing Griffball during a GGVogueRank UR SR UP” match, but not in any other online multiplayer mode. Speaking of graphics, Cortana’s new look seemed perplexingly eye-catching that makes you wonder whether I’m suppose to be paying attention to what she’s saying or not. I’m not against refining an old AI, but it just seems someone tried too much. I guess even AIs go through puberty.

So now to why I’m disappointed. Simply, the story is weird. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the surfacing of Prometheans taking over the Covenant or having them fighting alongside one another. If these guys are so bad-ass, why use weaklings like the Covenant? Not to mention, I’m tired of facing them. If your starting fresh and new, ditch the old. I’d of love to just fight the Prometheans, but then again maybe there is something more behind it. I understand, though, that 343 had to keep a lot of old school Halo to keep fans from pulling an ME( Mass Effect). So sticking with the same group of Covenant mobs and recycling the same vehicles is obviously the way to go. What 343 Industries did do that I admired, was fill this game with loads of new weapons and a couple new vehicles. My favorite was the Scattershot and LightRifle. Those were put into good use in solo campaign. It’s sad to see the Spartan laser and rocket launcher not make an appearance in the campaign mode. I mean I don’t mind fighting without them, but maybe an evolved form of it?  When the game ended, I was sorta hoping for a little more, when I mean that is I wanted to fight the Forerunner Didact. I wanted to shove a shotgun up his ass and pull the trigger. That was completely taken away from me. So now you know why Im disappointed in this game. Granted the Spartan Ops episodes release weekly, so maybe I’m jumping the gun too soon. I’m still hanging on with a hopeful heart.

You can always count on Halo games to be great get-togethers for chiling in the den smoking, drinking, or having a game night or playing online for laughs with friend. It’s hard to create a game that focuses a lot on multiplayer to shift to have a great story. It’s almost impossible. One of the other is going to falter and in my opinion Halo 4 has an awesome extension besides the campaign. I’m not saying the campaign sucks, but it could have been better.


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