#1reasonwhy Movement: “Enough Is Enough” How to End Sexism in the Video Game Industry

A Twitter movement has started to a topic that has festered for far too long. Women have began to share their experience in relation to the denigration of women in the video game industry. Tweet flow in about harassment, cyber bullying, physical groping, and even intimidation to opening up about such topic for fear of being verbally attacked. They irony of this is even when women whom have dealt with these issues speak up, they are shut down and accused of overrating, complaining while men bringing up the same topic are lauded. The Twitter movement is  #1reasonwhy is followed by accounts of many reasons why sexism plagues the video game industry.

There are too many reasons why sexism plagues this industry, but if we don’t allow these topics to be discuss the will continue to fester. Each of these women are speaking up, but what is crucial is the need for support. Simply raising awareness isn’t the only thing we as female gamers and female gamer advocates can do. How you can help is far more simple and beneficial to the community as a whole. You can first help out but contributing to female gamer website like Girl gamer Vouge, Girl Gamer, and many other female gaming communities on Facebook. Meetups and organizations like NYC Female Gamers Meetup, and Girl Gamers Meetup are always in need of sponsors, volunteers, and guest speakers to help build communities and spread the word. Online and at tournaments, you can stop sexism where is starts; if you hear someone verbally abusing a female gamer stand up against it. Don’t let it continue. With more people standing against sexism you can out weight the odds. It’s as simple as if you see something, say something. If your a video game journalist or YouTube Let’s Player, promote or support this movement. Show your viewers this is an important topic and state you don’t approve of sexism in video games. A little bit goes a long way.

Let’s keep this ball rolling. Let’s make this movement grow and end this once and for all. It can’t be done without support and it won’t be overcome without the help of you, the gamers, to stand and say Enough is Enough.

Narz is Leader Video Game Columnist and CEO and Founder at Girl Gamer Vogue.


5 responses to “#1reasonwhy Movement: “Enough Is Enough” How to End Sexism in the Video Game Industry

  1. I’m a gamer girl, currently my home is GW2 but I’ve played half a dozen MMO’s over the last 10 years, and I’ve had a really good experience. I never received the sexism people talk about.

    Some people have said mean things, but not because of my gender. It was because they were mean people who were indiscriminately verbally abusive, hiding behind a computer screen and the anonymity of the internet.

    It is taboo to say that most of the sexist behavior I’ve seen came from women. Excessive flirting, sending nude pics, getting gifts, manipulating, or being powerleveled from male players.

    • I agree. To be honest, it’s the fault of both men and women that have pushed women in the gaming industry to resort to the Twitter movement. When women post nude photos of themselves online being only covered by NES controllers they are hurting the image that many women are working so hard to represent. I don’t demean anyone who doesn’t, but the moment you coin “girl gamer” and you nude on a bed, is setting a bad example. ~Narz

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