NEWS: Winner Queen of the Iron Fist Tournaments Sponsored By Girl Gamer Vogue


Girl Gamer Vogue is happy to announce it’s sponsored tournament Queen of the Iron Fist Tournament where best female Tekken Tag Tournament 2 player will be crowned Queen in the world. The results of the tournament are as follows.

Results of the First Queen of Iron Fist Tournament! Sponsored by Girl Gamer Vogue !

1st Rochellie Fagan (Ro-Ro) – Jun/Asuka
2nd Lana Katana – Bob/Zafina
3rd Maileah Alemayehu (QueenOfLove) – JayCee/Miguel

4th Jenny2Fly4u – Yoshi/Kuni
5th Kate Follett (TheDriveShaft) – Wang/Beak
5th Catrina Summers (Hurricane Kazama) – Jun/Asuka
7th Deborah Perez (GGV Dash) – Nina/Kuni
7th Anjelica Williams (Animal God Fist) – Roger Jr/Alex
9th Resma Reefer (TOKO YOKO) – TBA
9th Sunlioness83 – TBA

The winner of the Queen of Iron Fist Tournament, will receive a prize pack from GGV and invitation to join their clan. For more info about GGV, please visit Thanks to everyone who entered and supported this tournament. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves and please watch out for the next QoIFT. Click here for more information or to enter the next QoIFT tournament. This is an ONLINE Tournament, and will be for PlayStation only.


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