Video Game Awards – Highlights and World Premiers

This weekend we got to see which games you the gamers thought were the crème de la crème of the video game world. With an amazing opening by South Park‘s Eric Cartman, the VGAs started off on a good foot. With tons of world premier video game trailers, upcoming news, and tons of great surprises this year’s VGAs was something not worth missing. If you did miss it, we can help with that. Samuel L Jackson hosted the VGAs this year for the 4th time and no other host could have done it better.

We were able to see the trailer to South Park’s newest game The Stick of Truth which quite frankly looks like a game worth getting, especially if it’s an online multiplayer.

There were special guest appearances from the cast of The Walking Dead, Tenacious D, Marlon Wayans , Johnny Galecki, Snoop Lion, and more. In addition to that, they presented the world premier of The Phantom Pain; a stunning assortments of mystery, gore, and confusion. Looking more like Snake from Metal Gear Solid,  Swedish developer Moby Dick Studio featured an amputee struggling to survive what looks to be an attack on a hospital. With fiery phoenix whales and tons of explosions, most of us were muttering to ourselves “when the heck is this game coming out?” Many are questioning whether this may be Metal Gear Solid 5 [Click here for video] but jumping into conclusions has never amounted to anything but a disappointment. With very little to go on about this game, our suggestion is that this game should be on your watch list.

Some major highlights of the VGAs include  Samuel L Jackson’s cameo appearance in many triple A and nominee games like The Walking Dead in which he makes a critical decision that just makes you love Sam even more. It is always a huge day in gaming history when 2013 Grammy-nominated Composer Austin Wintory won “Best Original Score” for Journey this year. Wintory is the first in history to be a Grammy nominee for a video game score. In addition, Journey won“Best Independent Video Game” and“Best PS3 Video Game.”

This year at the VGAs, “Game of the Year went to The Walking Dead and “Character of the Year” went to Claptrap from Borderlands 2. With the world premier teasers of The Metro Last Light, The Last of Us, and Castlevania Lord of Shadows 2, this year’s VGAs ended fantastically with a final performance from Tenacious D. To see more category winners and nominees check out Spike TV’s website, here.


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