WINNER GGVogue Nail Art Contest is Jihye Lee!

FeathersAndLace - JihyeLee

Congratulations to Jihye Lee!

You are the grand prize winner for GGVogue’s Nail Art Contest with nail art from Odin Sphere! We loved Jiyhe’s nail art based on creativity, cleanliness, and gamer expression. She did an amazing job in expressing her gamer love.

Second Place is Ashley Easley!

We loved your inspiring Far Cry 3 nail art we’re sending you a $20 PSN/XBLA card! The attention to detail is magnificent in which we believe deserves to be recognized.

Ashley Easley Far Cry 3

Honorable mention goes to Gina Porto for her Persona 3/4 Nail Art! To show our appreciation, we’re sending you Legend of Zelda Triforce earrings from LDH Designs! Great job to everyone who participated in GGVogue’s contest. Be sure to check out more contests in the future!

persona_4_nail_art_by_pandazmafia  Gina Porto


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