NEWS: Complete SNES Game Collection with all Boxes and some Manuals


Reliving your childhood of the 80s and 90s can be easily done via emulators and ROMs on your computer. However, to get the authentic feel of holding a controller and inserting a cartridge into a console, cannot be replaced with a computer software. The nostalgic feeling of relieving your childhood and bringing it back to life now has been more difficult with old titles growing scarce over the years. It would take you an enormous amount of time to collect all the SNES ever released in North America.

Well, we have great news for Super Nintendo fans. Right now on Ebay is an auction selling the entire SNES collection all in boxes and some with manuals. Of course, the collection will throw you back a couple thousand dollars ($25,000 to be exact) but can there be a price on history? On relieving your childhood? The collection includes all 721 games with 605 manuals included. That’s over 75% of the collection completed with original boxes. There are dozens of duplicate games and packaging materials included, but no unreleased games or exclusive games to other regions such as Europe and Japan. The seller makes it clear the conditions of all games in his description

Conditions vary from fair to near mint. This set was built from used game purchases.All games and all boxes are included, approximately 85% of all manuals are included.A small number of cartridges will have label damage, some of the manuals will have writing or missing covers, some of the boxes will have creases and tears on the sides. Please see full description for listing of the exact condition of every single item.

No one has bought the entire collection yet, however, up to 200 bidders are already feverishly doing their best to get this prized package. Before jumping the gun and counting your pennies, it’s best worth mentioning that because the seller is located in Columbus Ohio, personal pick up is preferred for the buyer to inspect the collection and pick it up upon paying it off. Why is it so important to come and pick it up? Well, according to the seller, the set comprises four crates and 400 lbs if shipped which will all be out of the buyer’s expense. Ouch! So even after putting down 25k, you’ll need to bank a little more to get it home.


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