Gamers Call for Online “Cease Fire” in the Wake of Sandy Hook Shooting

Cease Fire

In the wake of the massacre at Connecticut’s Sandy Hook elementary school Friday December 14, CEO of, Antwand Pearman, has declared December 21st to be a day of mourning and remembrance in respect to the lives lost. He encourages all gamer to put their controllers down for one day and not fire a virtual bullet. Starting midnight of the 2oth till midnight of the 22nd, the “Cease Fire” will ask that all gamers not play any First Person Shooter games for one day. In addition, Pearman asks that all those taking part show their support by changing their window and using a hashtag in social networks.

If you are online at the time change your comment window to “OSCeaseFire” If you are on a social network used the hashtag #OSCeaseFire. If you see people participating on the Dec 21st, post pictures on this page. Comment on this event page to let us know you’ll “Cease Fire” on the 21st.

Many attacks on gamers and gaming websites have surfaced as violence in video games are considered a vehicle behind this horrendous event.[Kotaku] What’s really in question here is not video games, but the extent to which guns are obtained feasibly or not and whether our nation is tending to needs of the mentally ill. The gaming community has defended itself in many accounts to the notion that violence in gaming creates violent children. Whether or not this is true is not the underlining argument, simply because all that Pearman wants to do is to “show people we as gamers give a damn.” By taking the time to address it and make it something, we as the gaming community can show we are not a community of violent drive humans but rather much more vibrant and powerful community of compassion through a demonstration of peace.

I don’t care for gun control or politics or religion but at the very least even if you are for gun control or not, the murder of innocent kids would devastate anyone.

Despite what people may say gamers are, Pearman asks that the gaming community show they are better than the image they are portrayed as. Join us in the “Cease Fire” and don’t let Pearman be just another drop in the bucket. Join the Facebook event here.

We here at GGVogue ask that all who take part, post a photo or video showing their participation in this demonstration. Let’s show the world what gamers can do.


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