“Pow” Head Band by Janine Basil


If you like superhero video games such as Marvel Vs DC Universe and the like, you will love this “Pow” head gear. They are reminiscent of a 1070s Batman and Robin and the style definitely transcends. These awesome bands are  tough, just like the  ionic heroes that inspired them. In addition to being  solid and durable, they have a  polyester felt to lining to minimize slipping down your silky locks.

Moreover, every single rhinestone is applied by hand, and if that’s not enough, there is plastic comb attached the the back to secure in your hair. Seems like we can feel free to kick some serious butt in these!!!

Each hat is made individually so there may be some minor differences with each one. But the effect will always be the same!For purchasing info, click the Image!

Still hungry for more awesome gamer gear? Feed your fashion needs with our video game fashion feed!


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