Kuwaiti Musician Fatima Al Qadiri’s New EP Inspired by Desert Strike Game

Kuwaiti musician Fatima Al Qadiri began recording her new album based on the retro 90’s game Desert Strike. Al Qadiri’s experiences growing up in Kuwait from the Iraqi occupation to it’s liberation have influenced her to merge the video game’s  terms of warfare with her own experiences. As a child, Al Qadiri never liked the game as she states the opening intro scared her at a young age.

Her experiences with warfare dates to childhood when her father was hired as an ambassador at a young age. After resigning from the foreign ministry he became a leading member of the Kuwaiti resistance which forced her and her family to move a lot. The beginning of her music career began at this stage as her father was taken by Iraqi soldiers while she was at a friend’s house listening to the soundtrack of Castlevania. At the age of 9, she began to make music, but being so influenced by her country burned to ashes before her eyes can create an experience that could never be destroyed. Transforming her experiences, emotions, depressions, and psyche Al Qadiri combined what she considered a video game designed for the military with music that best represents how she felt at that time.

Through her music, she never hoped to achieve anything but to heal. Her music is deeply personal and conceptual almost as if it’s a memoir in music. Check out her newest song from the EP below. Click here to hear the entire album.


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