Tres Chic Paper Doll Final Fantasy Gowns by Liana

Using Prismacolor pencils (regular and Verithin) on a Strathmore sketchpad, and doing  the resizing, tabs and any edits in Photoshop, Liana has created a blog dedicated to drawing beautiful clothes. Her inspiration comes from various things in her life such as movies, holidays, and of course, video games. Check out these paper doll gowns inspired by Final Fantasy princesses!


Princess Ashe, Final Fantasy XII 
A beautiful  ruffled train decorates Princess Ashe’s gorgeous wedding gown; sans le veil.  The length is perfect and the loose tiers fall along the sides beautifully. Each piece is intricately adorned in gold. The bare mid drift makes it just sensuous enough.


Princess Garnet, Final Fantasy IX

This dress is worn by Princess Garnet at the beginning, and end of the game, and has inspired Liana not only to “paper doll it” but also to create a “Fancy Gowns of Final Fantasy Games” series in the future. In making this particular piece she “cut the sleeve around the ends, and then both arm and sleeve go above the skirt”.

Lest hope she turns her paper doll passion into couture!

For more on Liana, visit her blog:  Liana’s Paper Doll Blog

Still hungry for more awesome gamer gear? Feed your fashion needs with our video game fashion feed!



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