Godmode Clothing: Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Unique

Here at GGVogue, we are always on the look out for new fashion trends and product that mix our two favorite things, namely: Fashion+Gaming.


(Wow T-Shirt)

Godmode clothing definitely has our attention. As a high-quality apparel company specializing in gaming culture and internet humor graphics, they stand out from the rest by adding their own spin. Not only are the designs creative and executed impeccably, but the packaging itself is innovative. What’s more, they have incorporated a “rarity” factor. Godmode’s t-shirts are produced in limited edition collections. Some pieces are be selected at random to then pass through a series of artistic enhancements; a process by which the rarity of that particular product is heightened. These may include but are not limited to alternate art, colors changes, metallic glows and an array of artistic enhancements. The cleverly introduced concept will be aided by a “rarity tag”, that is a part of each godmode’s t-shirt and that consequently divides each line into t-shirts that are: uncommon, rare, epic and unique.

alyx (Alyx T-Shirt)

The T-shirts by godmode are super cool on their own right, but when it comes to packaging, let’s be honest! I know each and everyone of you probably has a stash of totes somewhere in your home, whether it be a little pink Victoria’s Secret paper bag, a Whole Food mesh bag, or those cool Hello Kitty bags they were giving away at Comic Con. The packaging constructed around godmode’s awesome designer t-shirts is very cool indeed. Sometimes the packaging can be as cool as the product itself, and godmode clothing takes a strong stance on this. The packaging was created in a way that simulates opening a new NES game! Thus adding a nostalgia factor as well. You can watch one of artist Timba Smits box designs for god mode clothing on you tube by clicking the link below. Be sure to watch the whole thing from the unraveling of a crisp new godmode tee to the end.

You may purchase godmode clothing and accessories at godmodeclothing.com and check out their blog as well.

We look forward to seeing more from them!


(Welder T-Shirt)

Corky is a freelance fashion writer at Girl Gamer Vogue.

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