NEWS: Girl Gamer Vogue Launches GGVLeague Forums – “Find Galfriends, Train, Practice, and Become A Pro Female Gamer.”

GGVL Forum

Many moons ago, we debated that Facebook just doesn’t cut it in implementing what GGVogue wanted to do: to create a community of strong female gamers to connect, train, and grow while supporting and inspiring each other in a positive atmosphere. We wanted female gamers to share stories, connect, find new games and players, while growing. Our idea seemed too big for our hands to create, and yet we didn’t give up. How could we? Seeing many female gamers thanking us at events, online, and in-game we knew what we are doing counts.

So with what we have and know, we have created the GGV Forum and GGVLeague Clan [GGVL]; an established clan of female gamers with the sole purpose of creating a community that evokes the best of female gamers while empowering them to go pro. Though the forum itself is Co-ed, the league is female only. Even if some of the female gamers don’t want to go pro, they could still find others to play Call of Duty or Halo with on the forum.

We don’t hope for GGVL to just be a mediocre forum, clan, or community nor the forum to be another dead weight in the Internet. GGVL is reaching for the top, the big leagues, and it’s steam piling its way there bringing as many skillful, talented, and awesome female gamers for the ride. GGV Forum is bringing all gamers together for the sole purpose of a change that will strengthen the video game industry. Through unity, support, and enjoyment gamers can do incredible feats. GGV Forum will prove against the odds, against the stereotypes, and against limitations the world has placed on gamers.

In the words of Jane McGonigal,

“The people who understand the power and potential of games to both make us happy and change reality will be the people who invent our future. We can play any game we want. We can create any future we can imagine.”

Let the gaming begin.


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