It’s a Gamer’s Valentine’s Day!

Legend of Zelda “You Fill My Hearts Necklace by Jenny will make simple yet lovely gift for any gamer in your life. The silver aluminum ball chain is 24 inches long. Gals can wear it as a necklace, guys can wear it as an old timer’s pocket watch, the design lends itself for it.


Looking for something more colorful? Jenny also gives us this fun “I Pika-Choose You” Pendant. 


The Portal 2 Companion Cube Women’s Briefs by Jinx make for a more intimate gift. Still, whether you are giving it, or just love to wear themed undies, these are a great buy this Valentine’s Day! Sizes run S-XL.


This Beaded Video Game Skirt by Kandi can easily pass a sexy garter belt. Pair with a red bra and we are in business. Comes in M.

beaded skirt

It is the day for love…and friendship after all. Give a special friend this incredibly soft “Piece of Heart” Zelda Pillow sold by The Geeky Giraffe. This petite measures at approximately 9.5″ in height  and 10.5″ in width 3.25″

piece of heart

Wear your “video game” heart on your sleeve with these funny one liners These sweet Valentine’s Day Pins by Katie will sure have your friends sighing. Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon themed,  these pins will look great on your lapel, denim jacket, or even securing the bow on a Valentine’s Day gift!!


For purchasing info click on the images! Happy Valentine’s Day Gamers.

Still hungry for more awesome gamer gear? Feed your fashion needs with our video game fashion feed!


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