NEWS: IndieCade Game Slam Session “Like a Poetry Slam, Only with Games”

During IndieCade this past weekend, I got to attend a Game Slam hosted by Bob Miller from Ouya. Game Slam was a panel session where anyone got to bring in their own game and unveil it to a group of gamers, developers, and game lovers. It was one of the most intimate and casual events I have ever been to. It was such a pleasant sight to see game developers from amateur to professional showcase their wide array of games. Here are some of the games that were put on view.

Silent Hunter

Silent Hunter is an audio based game where players choose between being the hunter or the hunted. When players play as the hunter, they must use the sound of the heartbeat of their prey to find them. As the heart beat gets louder and faster, the hunter is getting closer. At times the prey can get away, so the hunter must act quickly. The game’s visuals are very simple as hunters play a small red square and preys play a small white square. The impact of the game combined with effect audio stimulation creates a harrowing experience.

Lilith and the Golden Arrow

Monster and Glitch presented Lilith and the Golden Arrow a side scroller endless runner strategic game based on a story from the point of view of the villain. Players control a monster, that resembles a Yeti, escaping death from a monster-hunting princess. Since the game is played on one level, the level design creates the next screen as the player progresses. The game is still in development but will be released fall of 2013. Check out their website here.


StarLicker is a competitive two-player strategy “shoot ’em up” game by developers from Heartonomy. Players switch between offense and defense tactics to defeat their opponents. Depending on the mode (defense or offense) players must calculate and structure their combat techniques to win the game. Creating a unique dynamic and deep turn-based strategy game with asynchronous multiplayer game play is brilliantly fun. Check out Heartonomy’s website here and sign up for StarLicker’s beta here.




IceBound is a dark fantasy single-player puzzle adventure game for PC, Mac, Linux by Fastermind Games. The game follows a visual non-linear novel with aesthetic illustrations and puzzle elements that mix the use of alchemy into the game. The story takes place in an ice age where feran and humans forge a way of life using alchemy. We didn’t get to see the puzzle games that play on the use of alchemy, but we are eager to see the mechanics when it is released. Check out Fasterminds Games’ website here and pre-order their game here.


Developed by a two-brother game company called Height Advantage, a parody correlating to the brothers’ actual height, Prymaries is a game that mimics Bejeweled and yet adds a whole new aspects to enjoy. The simplicity of the game makes it more enjoyable as players mix colors to match and earn points. Mixing colors to match colors was a super interesting aspect of the game that developer Chris Kimball explained, “was a fun game that anyone could play. Even men.” Check out their free-to-play game now and Height Advantages” facebook here.

Narz is CEO/Founder of Girl Gamer Vogue and Video Game and Tech Editor at KnickerBocker Ledger.


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