“Gamer Girl” Documentary Announced to be in KnickerBocker Film Festival


Girl Gamer Vogue is happy to announce Albany’s only city-wide film festival has selected the Indie documentary “Gamer Girl” by London film director Nina Salomons as one of nine films selected for its 2013 short film competition. The 20-min documentary interviewed more than 10 female gamers worldwide about the video game industry, the challenges they face online and offline, and the changes in progress.

The Knickerbocker Film Festival has brought hundred of shorts films across the United States and from more than 20 different countries for the past four years.

From April 2nd to the 3rd, each screening will begin at 6:45pm along with a Q&A panel from select filmmakers along with an awards reception  and Knickerbocker Ledger’s Capital Region 30 Under 30. reception help on April 4th at 7pm. For more info visit knickfilmfest.com.

The following films were selected from this year’s submission:

“A Heart, A Home” by James Strayer from Portland, Ore.
“We Will Forget” by Garret Harkawik from Wilmington, V.T.
“SMALLBANY: A Documentary” by Dana S. Owens from Albany, N.Y.
“The Princess and The Dragon” by Mark Fiske from Albany, N.Y.
“Prodigy” by Lisa Ford from Skaneteales, N.Y.
“Off Target” by Bruce Wemple from Troy, N.Y.
“BIOLLANTE” by Patrick Stephenson from Troy, N.Y.
“Reset” by Mike Feurstein from Albany, N.Y.
“Gamer Girl” by Nina Salomons, London, U.K.


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