PAX East: Q&A with Andrew Hill from Ninja Bee + T-Shirt Give Away.

Corky: What is Ninja Bee?Andrew: Ninja Bee is an Indie Game Developer working mostly with digital downloads. Therefore, the focus is consoles. We are mostly known for our X-Box Arcade titles, currently 7 of them.

Corky: What are your most popular games?Andrew: Cloning Clyde is Popular, but most popular are the Keflings Games:  AWorld of Keflings, and A Kingdom For Keflings. Which are city building games where you play as your avatar, helping Keflings to build a Kingdom.

Corky: I thought Bee’s made honey LOL! Why the name Ninja Bee?Andrew: LOL, It is an interesting story, actually. The name of our company is really Wahoo Studios. We started out a little over ten years ago doing contract work exclusively. As we moved on and established ourselves, we thought it was time to create our own games. We needed a new name because the amount of contract work we did in the past would tag along an not allows us the creative freedom to build the games we wanted. We needed a new brand

Corky: As a game developer, I expect to see merchandize simply promoting your Games. However, what I see here at your PAX booth looks closer to a T-Shirt line. What Made you take this extra step?Andrew: We wanted to create a video game T-Shirt with a little personality. We have some that showcases our Ninja logo but that at the same time can look like a T-Shirt someone picked out to wear, not solely as a gamers’ Tee.

Corky: Lovely…The indigo piece here looks very animated, what was behind this design, aside form the obvious?Andrew: We put a blue design and the Ninja Bee logo against the faded splash to make it a bit trendier. This way gamers would want to buy it because it looks good in addition to the game reference.

Corky: Sold! So what is Next for Ninja Bee?Andrew: We just released A World of Keflings on Windows 8 for the Tablet. In fact, it runs on any Windows device, tablet or computer. Later this year it will be released for the Wii-U.

Corky:  What about the game everyone here is a playing?Andrew: This is our newest game. It’s called Nutjitsu and it will run on the Windows 8 Tablet because mobile units are our focus now, until we figure out which console is most appropriate  for it.

Andrew is the PR and Marketing Director at Ninja Bee. 

Are you diggin this style? Here’s how you can win a Ninja Bee  T-Shirt, a Kefling T-Shirt, or a free Online Download of  A Kingdom For Keflings.

ninja bee tees

1. Go to

2. Share your favorite item on your Facebook timeline

3. Tag Girl Gamer Vogue

Winners will be picked by random lottery. Bonne chance!


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