“Stinky” Foot Controller Shows PAX Gamers How to Put their Best Foot Forward


The Stinky Footboard is somewhat perplexing to look at as a viable addition to a gaming experience on the PC. The foot controller has four buttons one can press: Up, Down, Left, and Right can hotkey to any skill, ability, combo, or item in a game. It may seem silly but just think how much better it would be to press a button with your foot rather than your thumbs and fingers working endlessly on “shift+1 then 9 then press shift+2, 6 and back to shift+1?” PvP, Raids, Instincts, BAMs, and the like are no joke and the opportunity to shorten the amount of time to cast that spell or eat the food before that dreaded death screen, is worth it. Just make sure to press firmly against the ground to avoid sliding!

Technology is shaping up to stimulate gamers’ lives through gadgets like the Stinky Footboard that will bring thrill and not the foul smelling gizmo some may expect it to be. Seeing much more potential in its future, one can only look forward to playing PC games that can enhance our skills and physically engage us.

Check out Stinky Board at StinkyBoard.com. Don’t worry, it’s not any smellier than your feet already are =)


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