PAX East Indie+Developers: Bring Ray Back to Life with Ragtag Studio

Ragtag Studio sets up their news games on Kickstarter in order to bring each project to fruition.  This allows audience to literally choose which game sthey want to play. What are they up to now? They are trying to bring Ray’s Dead “back to life” It’s a really cool zombie game where the misleadingly cute character, Ray,  littel boy walks around town. Don NOT let him fool you, when he gets you, he will not hesitate to bite you savagely!
“When a seemingly random bolt of lightning strikes the grave of one recently deceased Raymond La Morte, things quickly become stranger than usual in this out of the way graveyard. Ray awakens to fleeting glimpse of his past as he suddenly finds himself digging himself out of the soft wet earth. Armed with only a his vague recollections, Ray stumbles into a hostile and unfamiliar world determined to discover how his new unlife has taken place of his life. In Ray’s The Dead, you take on the role of Ray the newly arisen zombie! Join Ray as he makes the most unlikely friendships and builds an ever increasing zombie army on his quest to find out how he was killed, why he was resurrected, and most curiously, why this giant bulb is sticking out of his head! Releasing when its done for Windows and Mac, Ray’s the Dead is a satisfying blend of many familiar and accessible genres that combine to create a unique and fresh gaming experience. Part action game, part tactics, part puzzle, part stealth, part adventure… Ray’s the Dead blends many different genres to create one all its own!”
1For more information on Ray’s the Dead, other Rag Tag Studio games and how you can help bring Ray back to life go to:


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