GGV Style Watch: Two Cadettes and a Frag Doll


I had the pleasure to meet Kim, A.K.A. Sabre, from Frag Dolls at PAX East this year. She looked gorgeous in a simple outfit that was comfortable but clean-cut  and accessorized with a sleek watch down to the coral enamel on her hands. Absolutely adored her shiny red locks!

What are Frag Dolls? “Frag Dolls” are a group of professional female gamers who are strong, beautiful, and best of all, avid gamers. They make their foot print in the virtual world by utilizing a strong set of marketing skills, and just BRINGIN’ IT! anytime they engage in game play.

“The Frag Dolls made history by being first all-female team to take rank #1 at a professional LAN tournament (CPL)!”

Their mission is to increase the presence of women in the video game industry thus breaking barriers amongst gamers across the sexes. The group came about due to the lack of an established all-female gamers group. Sabre tells us: “We know games, we are gamers ourselves!” . The Frag Dolls can live up to the task of being one of the now slowly rising groups of female gamers because they talk the talk and walk the walk. They are excellent marketers for all kinds of games and gaming products because they can easily market something they know and use in their dayly lives. Think about it this way…what if someone approached you to market your X-Box! You know all the ins and outs of the console for the simple fact of using it for so long. The personal relation to games these amazing women posses combined with  the fearlessness that only comes from felling confortable in your own body, is what has taken the Frag Doll group to the next level in their gaming careers and what keeps us watching for their next move.


I also had the pleasure of meeting two of their cadetes! Cadettes are, in a broader sense, partake in an internship through the world of gaming and marketing. Every year The Frag Dolls host open auditions in order to take 12 to 15 cadetes. Whether hard core or amateur gamers, the women selected will benefit from Frag doll tutelage as well as field experience, such as working together at convetions like PAX.


For more info on Frag Dolls go to

Check out “Narz” in her Frag Dolls interview at last year’s NY Comic Con: GGV Interviews Siren, Valkyrie, and Sabre from Frag Dolls

Valerie “Corky” Dellacava is Fashion Editor at Girl Gamer Vogue and freelance writer.


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