PAX East: Become a SmashMuck Champion with Kiz Studio


Kiz Studio is a starter company that has been developing videogame for 4 years. Smackmuck Champions takes place in the universe of “Planet Muck”. Here, fun loving kids, muck monsters, and maniacal villains frolick around.

Smashmuck champions is not available for sale but is currently under development. You can register for a free Rookie Account which will give you access to the forum; thus allowing you to converse with the development team and even collaborate with them. The loveliest bit is that gamers partake in the actual design of the game!


“SmashMuck Champions combines action, skill and strategy with fast battles and intense action in bone-crushing combat.  During the show, attendees can challenge each other for PAX dominance over five different arenas and game modes, as well as test out the brand new crafting system. Using the crafting system, players can build new weapons and character skins for fan favorites like Brutus and his massive sword, Zert and his dual arm cannons and the champ created by fans at PAX Prime: Dr. Jennifer, the transforming robot shark with…lasers!”


For more information on how you can become a Champion go to:


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