What is Game Church? Plus…USB Necklace Give Away!

DSC_0013The concept of “Game Church” even in today’s society is hard to grasp. The idea of religion tied in to an activities like gaming seems controversial. However the message Game Church is trying to convey is quite innocuous.Their mission is NOT to coerce, persuade, goad, or even harass anyone into sharing their belief. To the contrary, the attended PAX East this year with the single purpose of telling gamers that “Jesus Loves” you. They  express themselves through their religion and through gaming. In other words, they are gamers who are also religious; this is their identity, and this is what they what to share with they community.  Further more, their message it so powerful, not because of religious reasons per se, but because of the belief that like other things (in this case religion) we may find envelope  other areas of our lives; gaming too is the umbrella that shield many of us in our respective communities.

Are you diggin this style? Here’s how you can WIN THIS Cross USB Necklace!


1. Go to GameChurch.com

2. Share your favorite item on your Facebook Timeline

3. Tag Girl Gamer Vogue

Winners will be picked through a random lottery. Bonne Chance!

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