Help Fund Stelulu Stinky® FootBoard Kickstarter Campaign!

We tried out the infamous Stinky® Footboard at Pax East and are happy to announce its Kickstarter campaign launched today. The Stinky® Footboard has been in development for  two years with nothing like it having ever been seen. Mixing ingenuity with productivity, revolutionize the way you step into any MMORPG, FPS, or your favorite PC games. Patented R2N technology allows game controllers to take a whole new leap as quick and precise responses come as easily accessible at a moments notice.   The foot controller has four buttons that can be customized to any key on your PC giving you an extra step for in-game immersion. Combining the keys with Shift, Alt, and Ctrl gives you up to 16 keys on just one footboard! The Stinky® Footboard isn’t about adding more buttons, but to change the way you play so you’re at your best.  The Stinky® Footboard is a stride in a new direction gaming is hurtling towards as it shapes to stimulate gamers’ lives through gadgets that will bring out the best in gamers.

Click here to head over to their Kickstarter page.  The Stinky® Footboard goes on sale June for $119.

R2N™: Return to Neutral Technology

Allows players to easily trigger any of the four buttons and have the board snap back to neutral place for quick combo execution with no foot strain.

C-Point™: Centre Point Performance Board Design

Combined with Full Relax Direct Technology(FRDC) ,C-Point™ allows multi-button activation without lifting your foot. Simply tilt you foot forward or back, side to side and activate skills customized to your preferences.

TBOX™: User Adjustable Tension Boxes

Adjust the footboard to whatever foot size or strength with user-adjustable tensions boxes to allow stiffness and responsiveness of the Stinky® footboard.

Customizable Performance and Feel

Use replaceable springs  to customize the performance and feel on the footboard.


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