Zing Games Mr.Runner 2: The Masks Officially Launches April 24th on iOS!

Well know for its “Yo Momma” jokes after every death, the five million downloaded iOS Mr.Runner game is now coming out with a sequel this time in full color, with stunning animated graphics, and a corky new protagonist. Experience more comical and spontaneous running platform based on the main character’s dreaming subconscious avoiding deadly imaginative perils to find the keys to his destiny! Zing Games has put out all the stops to make their sequel stunning and exhilarating with hysterically amusing animated world-changing as the character progresses. Watch as pop culture icons, favorite super heroes, and video game icons make their appearance in the marvelously fun world of Mr.Runner 2.

Mr. Runner 2 will feature 32 levels across four worlds, 54 collectable masks inspired by cultural, pop, and video game icons, five costumes with special abilities, and a new cartoony, wacky world that beseeches you to get zany! Check out the video below for a secret code to redeem a gift now!

Check out the first Mr.Runner here.

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