REVIEW: Mr.Runner 2 The Masks, New Mobile Game That Tests Your Skills!

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If you played the first Mr. Runner, be prepared from amazing sequel that is fun, immersive, and visually stimulating! Mr. Runner 2 The Masks based on the side-scroller predecessor does an amazing job at going above and beyond its senior. In Mr.Runner 2 The Masks, you play again as Mr.Runner only this time the stages are not your average black and white levels. With stimulating vivid visuals, graphics, and awards Mr. Runner 2 is going to blow you mind away!

Level up your Mr. Runner to unlock new costume poses, masks, items, levels, and more! The sequel has so much more to offer, that you’re bound to miss some things. Everything is tap-able as everything you touch becomes animated offering rewards, coins, items, and other achievements. The game is chock full of game references from Pokémon, Duck Hunt, Chrono Trigger, and The Legend of Zelda. The more you play, the more achievements you can unlock to obtain awesome costumes, items, and new levels.


The game follows the same standard game play as Mr.Runner. As you traverse the world within the game, you must avoid death by safely maneuvering into spaces between the ceiling and floor. Pressing the left side of the screen slows you down while the right speeds you up. If timed right, you can avoid death and disaster. Each level is more stimulating than the last. The first level follows the traditional ceiling falling onto you from the previous Mr.Runner, but as you unlock other levels you’ll find news ways the developers have reinvented the game. The game can be challenging as stars are now even harder to collect requiring more skill and ingenuity.


Using the left and right sides of the screens to slow down and speed up, timing is everything. Some additions to the game are coins you collect to purchase items like magnets (to collect more coins), keys (to open chest with items inside), potions (revive you upon death), and awesome gear that helps obtaining more stars and coins easier. Mr.Runner 2 is considered to be a simple yet addictive game. It can be mentioned that because of its simplicity, it can be quite immersive.


Mr.Runner 2 The Masks is a contrast to its predecessor with much more vivid, colorfully stimulating, and animated graphics. Introducing new characters like Felix the Fat, Moby 0 Senior, and Don Black Friday are creative and cute additions to the game. Even the director Ding Ye, Programmer Ling Yang, and Tester Lei Guo make an appearance as corky characters in the game.


If you want to further your in-game involvement, you might need to spend a bit. The in-game merchant, Don Black Friday, sells 20k coins for $0.99, 120k coins for $4.99 , 259k coins for $9.99, and a million coins for $24.99. Coins are used for purchasing Power-ups such as Revive potions, Magnets, and Keys. Special costume priced around 20k coins make it easier to get stars, coins, keys, treasures, and stay running for longer. Oh, you love the game but really don’t want to spend money? No worries! The game offers ‘Free Coins’ for a Share, Like, and post on Facebook/ Twitter, feedback on their game, or just by rating the game.


Mr.Runner 2 is a fantastically fun game, but it does have its issues. I had the game crash on me multiple times, thankfully not in game but between levels and going back to the main menu after obtaining some ‘Free Coins.’ During the second level, I found it extremely difficult to figure where the water was going to fall from. The water is barely visible to pin point where it is going to fall on an iPhone 4 making it seem a bit unfair. Straining my eyes to see the droplets seconds before the waterfall comes crashing can be quite frustrating. Unlocking the third level is no easy task either as it requires 20,000 coins or 30 stars to unlock. Talk about pressure! There is a 1-2 second delay when Mr.Runner goes from jogging or slow jogging to running making it difficult to run out of an area that is not safe to be in.

Overall 4/5

At times, I was angry to find myself die when I was perfectly in the clear, while overjoyed at times I should of been squashed but wasn’t. The game has a knack to push the limits of its players which is impressive for a game of its magnitude. Though my opinions are my own, in no way shape of form do I think this game isn’t excellent. It’s challenging and exciting like any Mega Man game during the SNES days. If played on a bigger screen like a Samsung Galaxy or iPhone 5, the game would have been easier. What’s discouraging to see are keys prices at 1-2.5k while 3 potions are 5k. It could take redoing a level up to 3-4 times for average skilled players to acquire that much coin, but the inexpensive trade for coins with real dollars doesn’t hurt the bank. I must admit I am quite disappointed the developers took out, the “Yo Momma” jokes, but I guess it was hard to think of more. Just be sure to take breaks as hand crapping is a possibility.

Mr.Runner the Masks launches April 24th on iTunes! Check out their Facebook for updates. news, and giveaways.

Narz is CEO/ Founder at Girl Gamer Vogue and Video Game Columnist at KnickerBocker Ledger.


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