Blendoku: New Brilliant Mobile Game You Got to Try


Remember art class and mixing colors for the first time? What happens when you mix red with blue? Or purple with green? At face value, Blendoku is a simple puzzle game about the magic that happens when you mix two or more colors together. However, the game offers a variety of depth and challenge as diverse as its color palette.


Blendoku is simple to play. Using basic principles of color theory, the player must move a swatch at the top of the screen to place it online with color swatches below. The idea is to place the colors in such an order where they gradually shift from one shade to the next. For example, if one end of the value scale is white, and the other is black, the colors in between should comprise of various shades of gray.

The game begins easily enough, but puzzles of varying difficulty are varied throughout the generous collections of levels. With the inclusion of perfect scores, personal bests, and world records, the game adds an additional element of competition, making for a very addictive game!


Controls are simple and work identically on both Android and iOS devices. The game begins with a brief walkthrough showing how to play. It can be opened at any time during any puzzle. Players can tap the top level of swatches, and tap again in the bottom to commit them to a field. If the player wants to get a feel for whether a swatch fits well between two color values, they can tap and drag the swatch before committing it to a space. Either method can be used to excel at this game!


With bright swatches on a dark background, the game’s interface is minimal but functional. When the player taps the screen, a swath of color appears against the background, adding an element of interaction to the game.


The game runs well both on and offline. Online connectivity is required for the competitive aspects of the game. Ads can be occasionally distracting to gameplay, but do not detract too much from the fun.


Art geeks, color, and puzzle enthusiasts beware, this game is addictive! If you enjoy a challenge, and love setting records and perfect scores, I highly recommend this game!

Asia is a freelance writer at Girl Gamer Vogue.

Blendoku4 Blendoku3 Blendoku1


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