Ablegamers Join Forces With The ECA


The ECA officially opens the AbleGamers Game Accessibility Chapter to support the ongoing mission of game accessibility and further underscore the importance of inclusion for the millions of gamers with disabilities

The Entertainment Consumer Association (ECA) and AbleGamers Charity is thrilled to announce the opening of the AbleGamers Game Accessibility Chapter.  Together, these two consumer-oriented organizations combine to further ensure everyone has the right to enjoy video games.

“We have worked with the ECA off and on over the last few years,” said Mark Barlet, President and Founder of the AbleGamers Charity. “The ECA has been a pleasure to work with on issues ranging from removing the negative stigma of videogames in popular culture to raising awareness for including gamers with disabilities in all videogame titles.”

“Opening an official AbleGamers chapter of the ECA is wonderful,” he continued. “We feel like the ECA really understands our desire to improve video games by including those with disabilities without harming the creative process. Together, will be able to reach out and educate developers and gamers alike on the importance of including those with disabilities in the wonderful world of videogames.”

“I’m excited about working with AbleGamers,” said Vice President of Marketing Heather Ellertson. “Having a chapter within the ECA that will work with Accessibility is a wonderful thing and together we can educate all gamers and help make a difference.


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