Path to Casual #1 – Intro to Tribal Wars

Path to casual

Tribal Wars is a format of Magic: The gathering that challenges the player to focus more on the creature aspect of the game than any other spell type.

[Path to Casual is an ongoing series following the Magic the Gathering community.]

The fun of Tribal Wars is the fact that allows you to loosen up and delve into all the flavorful areas of MTG.  Instead of the focus purely being on the best cards to win the game, Tribal Wars is more about the best creatures to get you to the gold.  And with the “creature creep,” Wizards of the Coast push to make creatures “good,” Tribal Wars is growing to be a stronger format.

The rules for the format are as follows:

The general idea of the format is to flex your creative muscles. When making a deck that is, at the very least, 20 or so creatures, you have to be mindful of how you build the decks. Of course, there are some tribes that are stronger then others. Certain tribes are going to need less spell glue than others. Tribes like Elves, Merfolk, Goblins, Soldiers, and Zombies come to mind.

It’s all a matter of how much effort you put into the actual making of the deck. After all, spell support is crucial. If your deck has even a splash of white, look into the card Unquestioned Authority. It’s an aura enchantment for creatures that costs 2W or 2 mana of any color and 1 white mana. It gives your creature protection from other creatures and draws you a card when it comes into play. This means the creature can’t be blocked by creatures, can block creatures and not take damage, and not be affected by abilities from other creatures.  It’s a pretty strong little gem.

Or using a card like Brass Herald. Many of you remember the Herald cycle from the Apocalypse set. Brass Herald works in a similar fashion to the rest of the cycle with the slight twist of letting you select the creature type you want to “herald” for. This is great if you are playing a sort of off the beat and path Tribe like Walls.  He also has the added benefit of being a lord. Yeah, sure he doesn’t buff himself like most lords from that era of Magic, but he’s not bad for a late game rally the troops. And if you’re in green or white, you are going to have some form of toughness boost to let him stay in play.

Next week I’ll be going over Elves and other green Tribes as well as provide great green support cards for the format. There will even be a deck list or two if you guys and gals are lucky.

Until next week, keep it casual.

Amanda is a guest writer for Girl Gamer Vogue. She can be found on her Twitter and at her Tumblr.


5 responses to “Path to Casual #1 – Intro to Tribal Wars

  1. It is a fun format but it could be much more fun in a more restrictive sense. Why not at least half of the creatures sharing one type if not all? But that is just me. Either way it is always nice to see more tribal love. Can’t wait to see more.

  2. Casual AND tribal. I love this. I’m a huge fan of tribal decks, anything I try to build eventually turns into one anyway, haha.Definitely need to try this.

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