Svenna’s Sweepstakes, Deals, & Freebies (5/26 – 6/1)

Hey there sweepers! Want a chance to win a pre-order for the Xbone? Or maybe stick with the 360 and use your free 20% off used games coupon at Gamestop. Either way, I know I need a new mouse so I’m hoping to win that or the GTX 780 for when I build my own computer in the next year. What do you want to win?

As always, let me know in the comments if you win and please tell me what you’re looking for in future SSDF posts! Sick of all the online gaming freebies and want more coupons? It’s all up to you. SSDF is for the fans!


Xbox One  Giveaway

Nintendo Wii U Deluxe bundle

IRIScan Mouse

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780


Amazon Graduation deals

Injustice: Gods Among Us – $35.99 (All platforms)

Tomb Raider (PC)for $13.60 on Steam with code: GMG20-LLASD-D8WBQ

Retro Game Music Bundle $1 or $10

Rayman Origins (Vita) for 43% off

Neverland Card Battles (PSP) – $4.98

BioShock: Rapture – $19.99

Bundle Stars 2: Indie Jam – $3.15 (Steam)

Bundle Stars 7: Indie Jam – $4.96 (Steam)


Dragon’s Prophet Beta Key

Infinite Crisis NA preferred access code

Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearts – with code: MOBFREERAVEN

Gamestop Coupon – 20% off used games


Svenna is a writer and the Public Relations Director for Girl Gamer Vogue. For more from Svenna, check out her Twitter Twitch and YouTube Channel.


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