Video–Gunpoint Playthrough with GGVogue’s Newest Youtuber RancidShamble!

Meet RancidShamble, GGVogue’s newest Youtuber. She’s an Indie Game Lover, Youtube Gamer and she’s Super Awesome! In this video she plays through the new 2D Stealth Indie Game by Tom Francis’ called Gunpoint. This is a stealthy detective game that you can purchase on Steam or the developer’s website. There’s a pretty interesting moving system that involves jumping into buildings and a pretty unique system to take enemies out. Determine if you want to play through missions stealthy or not, and rack up some badges along the way. Stealthy deaths can include linking power switches and light bulbs to take out enemies swiftly due to electrocution! Watch her play Gunpoint here and make sure to check out other GGVogue Youtubers!


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