Choose Your E3 Wardrobe: Day 2


This cool tee is a must-have! The graphics showcased in this piece attempt to engulf the trajectory of our beloved Nintedo consoles and handheld devices. Platforms; Gameboy, Nintendo 64, SNES, Wii, Gamecube, DS make an appearance. Moreover, the manufacturer uses high quality screen-printing on a 6oz cotton t-shirt. Rock it with an easy, breezy two-piece summer suit. Wear the shorts, and stash away the  blazer in a messenger or summer back-pack for later.

Bonus: Ships right from Cali!, Monday through Friday.

For more info click on the links bellow:

Nintendo Family Tree T-Shirt by Nerdy Shirts

XOXO Three-Quarter Sleeve Textured Blazer & Textured High-Waist Shorts

Sonic the Hedgehog Earrings by Kitty

Baja Blue Back Pack by Beth

Still hungry for more awesome gamer gear? Feed your fashion needs with our video game fashion feed!

L.A weather Day 2



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